My 8 Rules

I've Had It Up To Here With Your Stinkin' "Rules"!

1. Rule of Accumulation

1. Every month total net worth must increase - this can be as simple as just saving $100 into the bank and making sure it is still there at the end of the month and then add another $100 and make sure its still there plus the previous $100 from last month at the end of the next month

2. Breaking even is not accumulation due to inflation

3. If expenses are more than revenue for the month everything must stop right away and all expenses must be reviewed and reduced immediately

2. Rule of Efficiency

1. Wasting time must be avoided at all costs

2. Family time and enjoying life is not considered wasting time

3. Doing work inefficiently or ineffectively is considered wasting time

4. Leverage delegation to specialists to increase efficiency as long as the expense does not interfere with Rule 1

3. Rule of Mornings

1. First thing after waking up at 5AM exercise is the only priority and nothing else is to be done until after exercise

2. Should be a minimum of 15 minutes and can be as simple as walking/jogging, yoga/stretching etc…

3. Drinking water, putting on gym clothes/shoes and going to the bathroom is allowed before exercise time but nothing else takes priority

4. Rule of Consumption

1. Everything consumed over the course of the day must have a health/performance benefit

2. Daily consumption habits should follow Rule 5

3. Mood and happiness should be independent of what is consumed each day (eating/smoking/drinking to improve mood goes against Rule 8)

5. Rule of Sustainability

1. Everything must be sustainable over the long term

2. Things that are not sustainable must have extremely significant short term benefits

3. If something is not sustainable long term it must be revised immediately

6. Rule of Obsession

1. To be successful in any endeavor being close to the edge of obsession is an asset

2. If you can’t work on something obsessively for an extended period of time you need to change your niche/focus to something else

3. Use Rule 7 to find like minded people that share and fuel your obsessions

7. Rule of Networking

1. Spend time every day communicating and fostering relationships and growing the total number of connections in your personal network

2. This is done across many platforms, email, facebook, skype, linkedin, in person, in forums etc…

3. Include a broad range of people including like minded, different minded, known connections and reach out to people you don’t know on a regular basis

8. Rule of Progress

1. Every month should bring a tangible improvement in different areas of life

2. Things like learning new skills, gaining experience, improving physical performance and health metrics, expanding your network, increasing your net worth are all progress indicators

3. Being stagnant in any area means the rules are not being followed and your lifestyle requires immediate adjustment

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